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Katril endangeetham-jaani


















Kookoo endru-kadhal parisu












Manasukkulle-malluvetti minor



Mane thene-udayageetham


















Muthaduthe-nallavanukku nallavan














S. Janaki Old Tamil Songs Download

S. Janaki

S. Janaki is a legendary, award-winning, Indian female playback singer. She is a Telugu by birth, but has gained popularity in the whole of South India. She is renowned for her voice modulation abilities and is popularly referred to as the Melody queen of South India. She has sung in many Indian languages, most of them in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Janaki is also an occasional lyricist and a composer.

Within a career of more than five decades, she sang over 20,000 songs and has won four National Film Awards and 31 different State Film Awards. Janaki forms a successful combination with singer S P Balasubramanyam and composer Ilaiyaraaja, which are considered one of the most popular combinations in South India.

Early life
Dr. S. Janaki was born into a Telugu Brahmin family in Pallapatla, Repalle village, in Guntur, Madras Presidency, now part of Andhra Pradesh state.

She was interested in music from early age and started performing at the age of three. She learned music from Sree Paidiswamy, a nadaswaram Vidwan.

Singing career

Janaki started singing at the age of 19. She later moved to Chennai on the advice of her uncle Dr. Chandrashekar and joined AVM Studios as a singer. She started her career in movies by singing songs composed by T. Chalapati Rao in the Tamil movie Vidhiyin Vilayattu in 1957. Subsequently, she performed in the Telugu movie MLA. Janaki went on to become one of the most favourite singers of Ilayaraja, and a phase ensued when she sang at least 2-3 songs per movie in all the four South Indian languages.She sang in almost every movie in 1980s and 1990s.

She also wrote many songs for Tamil and Telugu movies. She has sung more than 30,000 songs[Films,Non Films], in all languages in South India, as well as in Hindi, Sinhalese, Bengali, Oriya, English, Sanskrit, Konkani, Tulu, Saurashtra, Baduga, Japanese and German.

A devotee of Lord Krishna and Shirdi Sai Baba, she has also recorded Hindu devotional music on Meera.

Her contemporaries include Ghantasala, Dr.Rajkumar, P. Susheela, Vani Jayaram, K J Yesudas, L R Eeswari, P. Jayachandran, P. Leela, K. S. Chithra, Swarnalatha, Sujatha, Jency, P B Srinivas and of course S P Balasubramanyam. She is the inspiration for many upcoming female playback singers.

Personal life

Dr. S. Janaki married V.Ramprasad. She is now settled in Chennai, lives with her son Murali Krishna, who acted in few films and has an audio business of his own; and his wife Uma Murali Krishna, a classical dancer (Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi); they have two daughters Amruthavarshini and Apsara.

She is also a close relative of carnatic classical vocalist, Garimella Balakrishna Prasad.

Major awards

    * In 1956, second prize in competitions held by AIR (All India Radio) from the former Indian President Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
    * In 1986, Kalai Mamani by Government of Tamil Nadu
    * In 1987, Sur singar award
    * In 2002 , Cinema 'Achiever Award' by the government of Kerala
    * In 2005, Special Jury Swaralaya Yesudas Award for outstanding performance in music.

    * National Film Awards Four times for the best Playback singer by Government of India
    * State Film awards eleven times for the best Playback singer by Government of Kerala
    * State Film awards seven times for the best Playback singer by Government of Tamil Nadu
    * State Film awards thirteen times for the best Playback singer by Government of Andhra Pradesh
    * State Film awards four times for the best Playback singer by Government of Karnataka
    * 2009, Honorary Doctorate by University of Mysore for her tremendous contribution to Kannada Film songs background singing.

1.Aanpillai-in Jeevan pauthu Download
2.Ada raama-thoongathe thambi thoongaathe Download
3.Adi athaadi-kadalorakavithaikal Download
4.Adikkuthu kuliru(with Rajanikanth)-mannan Download
5Adisayanadamidum-sirayilpoothachinnamalar Download
6.Agayagangai-dharmayudham Download
7.Alolam-sirayilpoothasinnamalar Download
8.Anandatheinsindum-manvasanai Download
9.Andhi-raajapaarvai Download
10.Ayiramthamarai-Alaigal oyvatillai Download
11.Azhagaana-ellame en raasathaan Download
12.Darisanam-Alaigal oyvatillai Download
13.Devankoil-nanpadum padal Download
14.Dheva malligai-nadigan Download
15.Dnnangamappille-thendrale ennai thodu Download
16.Ennathil-Kalukul eram Download
17.Ennathu-Sollathudikuthumanasu Download
18.Gangaa atril-Ayiram nilava vaa Download
19.Hey padal ondru-priya Download
20.Idhazhsindum-adhisayapiravi Download
22.Ilamaikku-pulanvisaranai Download
24.Kadal maharani-kadhal parisu Download
25.Kannilenn karkalam-unkannilneervazhindal Download

Vanijeyaram Tamil Songs Free Downloads

 Vani Jayaram
Vani Jayaram is a prominent Indian female playback singer. She has sung songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Hindi. She has thrice won the National Film Awards for Best Female Playback Singer.

Personal life and background

Vani Jayaram was born in Vellore in Tamil Nadu, in a family of musicians. Her mother is the disciple of Ranga Ramunaja Iyengar, a great veena exponent. Kadaloor Sreenivasa Iyengar, who taught Vani’s sister music, was fascinated by her observation and grasping power. He taught her a few Dikshitar kritis when she was hardly five. The fifth daughter in a family of six daughters and three sons, Vani always secretly yearned for a career in film playback singing. Considered to be a child prodigy, Vani Jayaram claims to have recognized the different ragas of Indian classical music before the age of five. Her voice was first heard on All India Radio, Madras, at the age of eight.

Vani Jayaram studied Carnatic music under the tutelage of Kadalur Srinivasa Iyengar, T. R. Balasubramanian and R. S. Mani. Her Hindustani light-classical music guru was Ustad Abdul Rahman Khan.

After her marriage to Jayaram she settled in Mumbai, a city where she realized her dream


Presently she is judging teleugu singing competetion in ETV . In 1971, she realized her childhood ambition of becoming a film playback singer when the veteran Hindi film music director, Vasant Desai chose her voice for the Hindi feature film Guddi. She recorded three songs for Guddi, Bol Re Papi Hara a song based on the Hindustani raga Miyan Malhar, instantly made her an household name of India. For that song she was awarded Tansen Samman (for best classical-based song in a Hindi film,) The Lions International Best Promising Singer, The All India Cine goers Association, and the All India Film-goers Association awards for the Best Playback Singer in 1971. She went on to sing a few songs each for music directors of Hindi cinema, including Chitragupt, Naushad (a classical song in Pakeezah and a duet with Asha Bhosle in Aaina), Madan Mohan (a duet with Kishore Kumar in the film Ek Mutthi Aasmaan), O.P. Nayyar (several songs from the film Khoon Ka Badla Khoon including duets with Mohammed Rafi and also with Uttara Kelkar and Pushpa Pagdhare), R.D. Burman (a duet with Mukesh in the film Chhalia), Kalyanji Anandji, Laxmikant Pyarelal, and Jaidev (a duet with Manna Dey in Parinay and a solo in Solwa Saawan). Her songs in the film Meera (1979), composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar (not to be confused with Meera (1945), starring M.S. Subbulakshmi), won her the Filmfare Award [3].Vani recorded her first Tamil song for the Tamil film Thaiyum Seiyum, for S.M. Subbaiah Naidu, in the year 1973.

Around 1974, she shifted her base to Chennai and soon was sought-after singer in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema. Besides Hindi and Tamil, Vani Jayaram has recordings in other languages of India. These include some songs in Gujarati, Marathi, Marwari, Haryanvi, Bengali and Tulu, and a huge repertoire in Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Oriya. For her work in some of these languages, she has been awarded many prestigious awards, among them are: Best Female Playback Singer for states of Gujarat (1975), Tamil Nadu (1980) and Orissa (1984).

One of her most famous Marathi songs 'Runanubandhachya..' is a duet with the celebrated classical Hindustani singer Kumar Gandharva. This song was composed by Vani's mentor Vasant Desai for a Marathi drama "Dev Deenaghari Dhaavlaa". The lyrics of this song were written by Bal Kolhatkar.

Vani Jayaram has sung for the movies like, Swathi Kiranam (released in the year 1992); Pelli Pustakam (released in the year 1991); Gulabi Raaten (released in the year 1990); Bava Marudula Sawal (released in the year 1988); Agni Nakshatram (released in the year 1988); Loose Loose Arappiri Loose (released in the year 1988); Swarnakamalam (released in the year 1988); Damit Katha Adam Thirigindi (released in the year 1987); Aradhana (released in the year 1987); Naradhan Keralathil (released in the year 1987); Sruthi Layalu (released in the year 1987); Waqt Ka Shahenshah (released in the year 1987); Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mahathyam (released in the year 1986); Nirakkoottu (released in the year 1985); Wafadaar (released in the year 1985); Eeran Sandhya (released in the year 1985); Muhurtham Pathnonnu Muppathinu (released in the year 1985); Koodum Thedi (released in the year 1985); Mugila Malligey (released in the year 1985); Mutharamkunnu P.O. (released in the year 1985); Vasantha Sena (released in the year 1985); Aakhri Sangram (released in the year 1984); Appunni (released in the year 1984); Athirathram (released in the year 1984); Koottinilamkili (released in the year 1984); Naalai Unathu Naal (released in the year 1984); Sandhya Mayangum Neram (released in the year 1984); Swanthamevide Bandhamevide (released in the year 1984); Attakkalasam (released in the year 1983); Bhookambam (released in the year 1983); Kattathe Kilikoodu (released in the year 1983); Kuyiline Thedi (released in the year 1983); Marakkillorikkalum (released in the year 1983); Prathigna (released in the year 1983); Aakrosam (released in the year 1982); Kurukkante Kalyanam (released in the year 1982); Padayottam (released in the year 1982); Ponmudy (released in the year 1982); Ponnum Poovum (released in the year 1982); Pooviriyum Pulari (released in the year 1982); Ariyappedatha Rahasyam (released in the year 1981); Palangal (released in the year 1981); Parvathi (released in the year 1981); Seethakoka Chilaka (released in the year 1981); Circus Ramudu (released in the year 1980); Manjil Virinja Pookkal (released in the year 1980); Subhodayam (released in the year 1980); Idi Kathakaadu (released in the year 1979); Meera (released in the year 1979); Aavesham (released in the year 1979); Guppedu Manasu (released in the year 1979); Jeevitam Oru Gaanam (released in the year 1979); Mamangam (released in the year 1979); Sarapanjaram (released in the year 1979); Shankarabharanam (released in the year 1979); Maro Charithra (released in the year 1978); Aaina (released in the year 1977); Anthuleni Katha (released in the year 1976); Seeta Kalyanam (released in the year 1976); Apoorva Raagangal (released in the year 1975); Picnic (released in the year 1975); Raagam (released in the year 1975); Jurm Aur Sazaa (released in the year 1974); Parinay (released in the year 1974); Chhalia (released in the year 1973); Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (released in the year 1973); Swapnam (released in the year 1973) ; Pakeezah (released in the year 1972); Bansi Birju (released in the year 1972); Guddi (released in the year 1971).

01 Abc nee vaas DOWNLOAD
02 Anthamanai paarunga DOWNLOAD
03 Bharathi kannamma DOWNLOAD
04 Chendu malli DOWNLOAD
05 Gangai yamunai DOWNLOAD
06 Hey i love you DOWNLOAD
07 Ilakkanam maarutho DOWNLOAD
08 Indraikku yean intha DOWNLOAD
09 Iraivan irandu DOWNLOAD
10 Iravu Pagal DOWNLOAD
11 Ithu iravu DOWNLOAD
12 Kaalam maaralaam DOWNLOAD
13 Kanmaniye kaadhal DOWNLOAD
14 Kurinji malaril DOWNLOAD
15 Kankai nathiooram DOWNLOAD
16 Mallige Poovuku DOWNLOAD
17 Ninaivale silai seidhu DOWNLOAD
18 Oh Kathal DOWNLOAD
19 Orey naal DOWNLOAD
20 Oru vaanavil polae DOWNLOAD

P. Jayachandran Old Tamil Hit Songs

P. Jayachandran  is an Indian playback singer. He has won one National Award, four Kerala State Awards and four Tamil Nadu State Awards. He has recorded songs in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi languages. Jayachandran is also affectionately called the Bhava Gayakan.


Jayachandran was born in 'Bhadralayam', Ravipuram, Ernakulam, and later his family moved to Irinjalakkuda. His father Ravivarma Kochaniyan Thampuran of the Cochin Royal Family was a learned musician, though not a professional singer. His mother Subhadra Kunjamma Paliyam Swarupam was also a great music lover who encouraged Jayachandran to learn the notes of Mridangam at a very young age and with her support he could attain dexterity with the Mridangam. He began to sing devotional songs in churches at the age of 8. The famous Malayalam film actor, Innocent Vincent, was his classmate during his school days. His family consists of mother, father, two sisters and two brothers. His father died in 1983 and mother died in 1991.

Jayachandran graduated from Christ College, Irinjalakuda. He was a student of the Irinjalakuda National School from where he received many prestigious prizes for playing the Mridangam and light music in the State School Youth Festival Jayachandran met Yesudas in 1958 when he participated in the state youth festival. Yesudas won the Best Classical Singer award and Jayachandran got the best Mridamgist award in the same year.

Jayachandran got his first state award in 1972 for the song Neelagiriyude ('Suprabhaatham')... for the film Panitheeratha Veedu. Its music was done by M. S. Viswanathan. The year 1978 brought him another state award. The song was Ragam Sreeragam for the film Bandhanam and the music director was M. B. Sreenivasan. He received a prestigious national award in 1985 for Sivasankara Sarva Saranya Vibho..., a Gurusthuthi song for the film Sree Narayana Guru. The song Prayam Nammil.. from the film Niram brought him a third state award in 1998. In 1975, he sang for the Malayalam movie Penpada (with music by R. K. Shekhar)a song Velli then Kinnam Pol, regarded as the first composition of 9 year old Dileep Shekhar, now known as A. R. Rahman.[1]

He got the first Asianet award and the Arabian award for the same song in the same year. Its music was done by Sree Vidyasagar. In 1994, he received the Tamil Nadu state Government award for the best singer for the song , Kathazham Kattuvazhi... for the film KizhakkuCheemayile. A. R. Rahman composed the music. As a recognition for his contribution to Tamil film music, he was honoured with the Kalaimamani award of the Tamil Nadu Government.

Jayachandran was honoured with the Swaralaya Kairali Yesudas award at the beginning of 2001, which he was the first person to receive. The motive behind this award is to choose the best from the singers and lyricists within a span of 30 years. He has sung nearly 1000 songs for Malayalam movies over the years according to the MSI information database.

Jayachandran, for the first time, sang in Hindi in 2008, for the movie ADA...A Way of Life along with Alka Yagnik, music scored by A. R. Rahman.

01 VasanthakaalaNath-Moondru Muduchu DOWNLOAD
02 Paalabishegam Seiyavo-Muthana Muthalavo DOWNLOAD
03 Thiru Murugan Arugil-Mayor Meenashi DOWNLOAD
04 Anbumikka Mappilaiku-Engala Kula Deivam DOWNLOAD
05 Oru Kaathal Samragiyam-Nandha En Nila DOWNLOAD
Sri Rangano Sri Deviyo-Meenashi

07 Alaiye Kadalalaiye-Thirukalayanam DOWNLOAD
08 Vizhiyo Urangavillai-Nee Vaazhavendum DOWNLOAD
09 Azhaggi Oruthi Ilani-Pilot Premanath DOWNLOAD
10 Sangeethame En-Kashmir Kaathali DOWNLOAD
11 Akka Oru Rasathi-Mugathil Mugam Paarkalam DOWNLOAD
12 Oru Vaanavil Pole-Kaatriniley Varum Geetham DOWNLOAD
13 Oodum Nathigalil-Sarigamapa DOWNLOAD
14 Thabikuthu Thayanguthu-Nathiyai Thedi VanthaKadal DOWNLOAD
15 Kannanin Saanathiyil-Oru Kodiyil Iru Malargal DOWNLOAD
16 Unnidathi Ennanavo-Thoondil Meen DOWNLOAD
17 Samathil Poothamalli-Ungalil Oruthi DOWNLOAD
18 Sahmetil Puthemelli DOWNLOAD

C.S.Jayaraman Old Tamil Songs

01 Vinnodum Mugilodum DOWNLOAD
02 Arambamavathu Pennukullay DOWNLOAD
03 Arambamay Inikkum DOWNLOAD
04 Kadhal Karumbu Kanden DOWNLOAD
05 Vaigai Perugi Vara DOWNLOAD
06 Anbale Thediyai DOWNLOAD
07 Kadhal Kadal Karai DOWNLOAD
08 Mangiyathor Nilavinelay DOWNLOAD
09 Kannilaiyo Msnsm Ellaiyo DOWNLOAD
10 Ithuthan Ulagamadu DOWNLOAD
11 Anbinale Undagum DOWNLOAD
12 Pozhu Nalam Endrum DOWNLOAD
13 Ayiram Kan Pothathu DOWNLOAD
14 Vannathamizh Penn DOWNLOAD
15 Kathalukku Kanillai DOWNLOAD
16  Thannai Thanai Nambathathu DOWNLOAD
17 Sirithalum Azhuthalum DOWNLOAD
18 Kaa Kaa Kaa DOWNLOAD
19 Desam Gnanam Kalvi DOWNLOAD
20 Kutram Purinthavan DOWNLOAD
21 Nenji Poruguthillay Yae DOWNLOAD
22 Nallavan Kaiyil DOWNLOAD

Malaysia Vasudevan Old Tamil Songs

Malaysia Vasudevan is a Tamil singer who was born in Malaysia. He moved to India and found a career as a singer and actor in stage plays. Later, he started singing for movies and, to date, has nearly 8,000 songs in Tamil and over 4,000 songs in other South Indian languages to his credit. He has also acted in nearly 85 films. His first song was for the film "Delhi to Madras". He then did a stint with M.S.Viswanathan and was eventually sought by Ilaiyaraja and Bharathiraja to sing in the film "16 Vayathinile". He has also sung few songs in Hindi. He has been awarded "Kalaimamani" by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Veteran Tamil director A.P. Nagarajan christened him as "Malaysia Vasudevan". He has worked with many music directors such as M.S.Viswanathan, Ilaiyaraja, Shankar-Ganesh, Deva, A.R.Rahman, and Vidyasagar. After T.M.Sounderajan, he was called as ghost voice for Sivaji Ganesan.

He has also acted in a good number of Tamil films. Some of his films include Mudhal Vasantham (with Sathyaraj),Oomai Vizhigal (with Vijayakant), Kathanayagan (with Pandiyarajan) Oru Kaidhiyin Diary (with Kamal Hassan), Jallikattu, Thiruda Thiruda, Amaidhippadai, Povae Unnakaga, Punnagai Desam, Kokki etc.

Besides acting in films, he has acted in good number of tele serials. He son Yugendran Vasudevan Nayar has acted in many film in Tamil and other languages. His daughter Prashanthini is a playback singer. She has sung songs like "Mundhinam" in the movie Vaaranam Ayiram and other songs

Malaysia Vasudevan
01 Aththi Mararakili DOWNLOAD
02 Mamavukku DOWNLOAD
03 Kammakarai Oram DOWNLOAD
04 Malayoram DOWNLOAD
05 Kuyilukkoru DOWNLOAD
06 Pethu Eduthavathaan DOWNLOAD
07 Eriyil Oru DOWNLOAD
08 Salam Podu Guruve DOWNLOAD
09 Puyal Oru Paathu DOWNLOAD
10 Veppamaram Npyile DOWNLOAD
11 Ennathukku Ennathukku Enna DOWNLOAD
12 Chittan Chittan DOWNLOAD
13 Maina Mayakkama DOWNLOAD
14  Naarkaaliku DOWNLOAD
15 Maappillai DOWNLOAD

M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar Old Tamil Songs

Mayavaram Krishnamurthy Thyagaraja Bhagavathar

Born     Mayavaram Krishnamurthy Thyagaraja Bhagavathar
March 1, 1910(1910-03-01)
Died     November 1, 1959(1959-11-01) (aged 49)
Madras, Madras State, India
Other names     M. K. T.
Years active     1934–1959
Children     M. K. T. Raveendran

Mayavaram Krishnamurthy Thyagaraja Bhagavathar (1 March 1910 – 1 November 1959), also called M.K.T., was a Tamil film actor, producer and Carnatic music singer. He is considered to be one of the most successful Tamil film actors ever.

Bhagavathar was born in the town of Mayiladuthurai in then Tanjore district of the Madras Presidency, British India. He started his career as a classical singer and stage artist in the late 1920s. In 1934, he made his début in films with the movie Pavalakkodi which turned out to be a hit. From 1934 to 1959, Bhagavathar acted in 14 films of whom 6 were box-office hits. Bhagavathar's 1944 film Haridas ran for three consecutive years at Broadway Theatre, Madras and created the record for the longest continuous run at a single theatre. Bhagavathar was arrested in 1944 as one of the main suspects in the Lakshmikanthan Murder Case and spent three years in prison before being released in 1947 after a re-trial found him innocent. Bhagavathar's career declined after his arrest and though he did continue to act in Tamil films after his release from prison, none of them did well. Bhagavathar died of diabetes at the age of 49 on 1 November 1959.

Bhagavathar was acclaimed for his powerful, melodious voice and the ease with which he could sing high pitch notes. Critics and film historians acknowledge Bhagavathar as the "first superstar of Tamil cinema".

Bhagavathar was a philanthropist and contributed for important social and religious causes. He was awarded a "Diwan Bahadur" title by the Governor of Madras for his contribution to the British war efforts during the Second World War but he turned it down.

Early life
Thyagaraja Bhagavathar was born in Tanjore. The native place of his family is Mayavaram, Tamil Nadu, British India. He came from a family of viswabrahmin goldsmiths. From his grandfather's time, his family had lived in Trichy, where Bhagavathar grew up.

Early films
In 1934, businessmen Lakshmana Chettiar and Rm Alagappa Chettiar and film director K. Subramaniam happened to watch a Hindu mythological play called "Pavalakkodi" in which Bhagavathar played the lead role of Arjuna. Thoroughly impressed with the performance, Chettiar planned to produce a movie based on the same story with Bhagavathar playing the lead role. The film was shot in Adyar and was a success. It helped launch Bhagavathar's career in films.

Bhagavathar's second film Naveena Sarangadhara (1935) was again directed by K. Subramaniam and was based on a play called Sarangadhara. Bagavathar's next film was his first own production film under the banner Trichy Thyagaraja Films, "Sathyaseelan" (1936). The film had the novel feature of two Bagavathars appearing on the same frame, though it was not strictly a film with Bagavathar playing a double role. Bagavathar, apart from playing Sathyaseelan, also briefly appears as a court singer himself in the film.

Rise to stardom 1937-1944
In 1937, Bhagavathar was cast in role of Bilwamangal in the film Chintamani directed by Y. V. Rao. Chintamani was a record-breaker and became the first Tamil film to run continuously for a year. Bhagavathar's songs in the movie were especially popular. The Tamil writer Kalki Krishnamurthy wrote that the film has made such an impact on the viewers that the housewife would sing the song Mayaprapanchattil from the movie while preparing coffee in the morning and her husband would sing Rathey unakku kobam in order to please his sweetheart.[1] However, the songs that were featured in the gramophone records produced by Saraswathi Stores were not sung by Bhagavathar as he did not have any business understanding with the company. With the profits obtained from the movie, the owners of Rayal Talkies constructed a theatre in Madurai and named it Chintamani.[1][2]

The very same year, Bhagavathar was offered the title role in the film Ambikapathy made by the American film director Ellis R. Dungan. The film was Bhagavathar's second consecutive hit in the year and broke records set by Chintamani. Dungan was, however, heavily criticized by the conservative Hindu society for introducing controversially intimate scenes between Bhagavathar and the heroine Santhanalakshmi. Bhagavathar played the role of Saivite saint Thiruneelakanta Nayanar in the 1939 movie Thiruneelakantar.


Most of M.K.T.'s songs were devotional with a South Indian classical base. Along with lyricist Papanasam Sivan, M.K.T. composed many songs, including "Unai Alaal", "Neelakanta", "Amba Manam Kanindhu", "Soppana Vazhvil Makizhndu", "Maraivaai Maraitha Odu", "Gyaana Kann", "Sathva Guna Bodhan", "Rajan Maharajan", "Krishna Mukunda Murari", "Naatiya Kalaiye", "Radhe Unaku Kobam Aagadadi", "Vasantha Ruthu", and many others.
M.K.T. made his début in the 1934 film Pavalakodi; in all, he appeared in 14 movies before he died. Most of his films were record-breakers. Thiruneelakandar, Ambikapathi, Chintamani were among the first highly successful Tamil films. Haridas, released in 1944, ran continuously for three years at the Chennai Broadway Theatre.
 Later years

In 1944, M.K.T., actor N. S. Krishnan, and Coimbatore - based movie studio owner Sriramlu Naidu were charged in the murder of Lakshmikanthan; M.K.T. was acquitted and released in April 1947. Prior to his arrest, he was signed up to act in 12 more films, but he lost interest and the few movies he did make after his release were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, he still drew huge crowds at his concerts. He had lost almost all his wealth in his case defense.

Followers of the Dravidian movement, such as C. N. Annadurai (the founder of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) political party and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu), tried to entice him to their fold, but because of his convictions, M.K.T. remained apolitical and a staunch bhakta until his death. It is believed that his absence from the film industry provided a window for the Dravidian atheist movement to move in and establish themselves in the Tamil film industry.
Haridas box office record.

M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar
01 SoppanaVaazhvil-Sivakavi 1943
02 Krishna Mukunda-Haridas 1944 DOWNLOAD
03 Manamatha Leelayai-Haridas 1944 DOWNLOAD
04 Rajan Maharajan-shyamala 1952 DOWNLOAD
05 Sathva Guna Bodhan- Ashok Kumar1941 DOWNLOAD
06 Dheena Karuna Karane-Thirnuneelakantar 1939 DOWNLOAD
07 Unnaikandu-Ashok Kumar 1941 DOWNLOAD
08 Amba Manam Kaninthu-Sivakavai 1943 DOWNLOAD
09 Maraivai Pudhaitha-Thiruneelakantar 1939 DOWNLOAD
10 Njana Kan Ondru-Chintamani 1939 DOWNLOAD
11 Nattiya Kalaiye-Sivakavai 1943 DOWNLOAD
12 Orunaal Oru Pozhuthu-Thiruneelakantar 1939 DOWNLOAD
13 Pavazha Mall-Thiruneelakantar 1939 DOWNLOAD
14 Bhoomiyil Maanida Jenmam-Ashok Kumar 1941 DOWNLOAD
15 Maname Nee-Ashok Kumar 1941 DOWNLOAD
16 Dhyaname-Ashok Kumar 1941 DOWNLOAD
17 Vallalai Paadum Vaayaal-Sivakavi 1943 DOWNLOAD
18 Vathaname Chandra-Sivakavi 1943 DOWNLOAD
19 Vasantha Ruthu-Sivakavi 1944 DOWNLOAD
20 Annaiyum Thanthaiyum- Haridas 1944 DOWNLOAD
21 Ennudal Thanil-Haridas 1944 DOWNLOAD
22 Manida Janmam- Rajamukthi 1948 DOWNLOAD

N.S.Krishnan Old Tamil Hit Songs

1. Seermevum Gurupaatham DOWNLOAD
2. Valaiyal DOWNLOAD
3. Dikkidi Dikkidi DOWNLOAD
4. Sariyillae DOWNLOAD
5. Ezhettu Naalaaga DOWNLOAD
6. Siruppu DOWNLOAD
7. Alavuthaan DOWNLOAD
8. Sangariyae Kaliammah DOWNLOAD
9. Unn Melae Naan DOWNLOAD
10. Kaasiku Ponaal DOWNLOAD
11. Unnilaiyirunthu DOWNLOAD
12. Summayirukkaathunga DOWNLOAD
13. Thaalipenukku Veli DOWNLOAD
14. Engae Thoduvaen DOWNLOAD
15. Theena Munaa Kaana DOWNLOAD
16. Vaatham Vambu DOWNLOAD
17. Vingnaanathaivalarkkaporaandi DOWNLOAD
18. Jailukku Poi DOWNLOAD
19. Aasayaga Pesi Pesi DOWNLOAD
20. Sonaa Ellaenna Loovamma DOWNLOAD
21. Aaravalliyae Neeyum Veena DOWNLOAD
22. Kaalam Maari Pochu DOWNLOAD
23. Kannae Unnal DOWNLOAD
24. Inikku Kaalaiyil Ezhunthiruchu DOWNLOAD
25. Vegu Thooram Kadal Thaandi DOWNLOAD

N. S. Krishnan & T. A. Madhuram

 Kalaivanar N. S. Krishnan

Born     November 29, 1908(1908-11-29)
Nagercoil, Travancore, India
Died     August 30, 1957(1957-08-30) (aged 48)
Occupation     Actor
Years active     1935-1957
Spouse     T. A. Madhuram

Nagerkoyil Sudalaimuthu Krishnan, popularly known as Kalaivanar and also as 'NSK' was a leading Tamil film comedian, drama artist, playback singer and writer in the early stages of the Tamil film industry - in the 1940s and 1950s.Another Icon of the dominant 'Pillai' community.

Born in Ozhuginachery, Nagercoil, in the princely state of Travancore, India on 29 November 1908, his stage and cine-screen comedy performances were unique and always carried a message for the people. 'Kalaivanar' N. S. Krishnan died at the age of 49, on 30 August 1957.


N S Krishnan started his career as a Villupaatu artist (the Tamil way of reciting stories while singing songs and playing a musical instrument in the form of a bow - called 'Villu') and later became involved in Tamil drama and stage shows, as were so many film artistes in his days, and at one-time owned his own touring drama company; and when cinema gradually became popular in South India, he entered the Tamil film world to become one of the leading Tamil film comedians ever, with a unique style. He generally wrote his own comedy dialogues and expressed them in his drama and films in such a way that the message was carried across, but the subject to whom it was intended was not offended.

He acted in nearly 150 Tamil films and the matinee-duo of N S krishnan and T. A. Madhuram (later his better half) in Tamil films was very popular in his days; he also did roles along with leading stage and cine artists of his time like T. S. Durairaj, 'Pulimootai' Ramasamy, C.S. Pandian and writers like Udumalai Narayana Kavi and Subbu Armugham and gave a number of hits in those days. He was also a talented singer and hits include Sivakavi, Raja Rani, and Manamagal.

Though he was more popular among the Tamil populace as a film comedian (and even in the modern day he is remembered for that), Kalaivanar was instrumental in bringing a number of leading Tamil stage and film personalities of his days to the fore; he was also a Gandhian, patriot and philanthropist, yet a very controversial figure - with his name linked to a murder and also some marital controversies.


During Mid 1940s he and M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar were arrested for suspicion of murder famously known during that time as Lakshmikanthan Kolai Vazhakku(Lakshmikanthan Murder Case), both were convicted and later released on appeal with privy council.

When MKT and NSK were flying very high in fame in drama, cinema and concerts, fate interfered in the form of Lakshmikanthan. Lakshmikanthan, a notorious criminal with a perverted mind, edited a yellow magazine called 'Hindu Nesan'. Lakshmikanthan's target was not only the small fry in the society but also the movie people, business magnates, prosperous lawyers, doctors, famed musicians, landlords, zamindars, Rajahs, press barons, religious heads, politicians etc. He wrote salacious and scandalous sex stories about them purely on the basis of gossips and hearsay. Majority of them were unauthenticated and filthy news. Being afraid of ill fame, some of those on whom Lakshmikantan wrote tried to silence him with hush money. Encouraged by this sort of income he continued to write all sorts of nonsense about them regularly and with the result had numerous enemies from all walks of life.

On 8 November 1944, he was attacked by some people with a knife in Purasawalkam, in Downtown Madras. He was admitted to the General Hospital, Madras but only as an outpatient, for the wound was not serious enough. Even in his statement to the police he did not name any particular person as the accused but only stated that someone had attacked him. He was found very jovial at the police station as he was in the hospital. During his treatment it was reported that he wanted to expose the murderers involved in the Boat Mail murder (In those days a train named Boat mail used to run between Madras and Dhanushkoti station which is not in existence now). A rich banker from Devakottai was murdered in the moving train between Chengalpet and Madras. A notable singer cum actress who travelled with the banker was missing/fled when the train reached Madras. The political backing which this singer had kept truth about the real killers under the carpet. The killers saw to it that the case should not come to the court for trial. There is another version which says that Lakshikanthan was murdered by this group and not by NSK/MKT.

But suddenly, the next day i.e. on 9 November 1944, Lakshmikanthan died mysteriously in the hospital. He was murdered. The police, based on the statement made by LKanthan's bodyguard, arrested eight persons as accused for the murder. Among them were MKT and N.S.Krishnan. This came as a rude shock to their fans and the cine world.

After usual committal proceedings before the Madras Presidency Magistrate, the case came up for hearing at the Madras High court before Justice Vera Mockett. A group of brilliant lawyers namely Mr. V.T.Rangasamy Iyengar, Sri Rajagopalachariar (Rajaji), Mr. Braddel, Mr. B.T.Sundararajan, Sri Govind Swaminathan, Mr. Srinivasagopal and Mr. K.M.Munshi argued the case for the accused. After prolonged trial, the Jury, much to the dismay of many, found MKT and NSK guilty along with four others.

Appeals were heard by a bench of the High Court consisting of Sir Linel Leach, Chief Justice of Madras, Justice K.P. Lakshmana Rao and Advocate General K.Rajah Iyer. The appeals were filed by the then leading members of the Bar, V.V.Srinivasa Iyengar and Sri V.C.Gopalarathnam. However, the appeals were dismissed.

MKT and NSK filed an appeal in the Privy Council, London which was then the highest court of appeal. The internationally famous ((British Barrister)), D.N.Pritt appeared for them. Privy Council then referred the case back to India for a fresh appraisal.

The appeal came up before a bench of two judges namely Mr. Justice Happel and Mr. Justice Sahabuddin (who migrated to Pakistan in 1947 during partition of India and retired as Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court). Mr V.L.Ethiraj, a successful Barrister appeared for MKT and NSK and argued that the Judges had not properly directed the Jury and the evidences of doubtful nature have not been properly assessed. Mr. Ethiraj convinced the Judges by his powerful arguments that all the witnesses produced against MKT and NSK were tutored and coached and there were a lot of inconsistencies in their evidence and statements and the case had many loopholes. The Judges agreed with Mr. Ethiraj's arguments and acquitted MKT and NSK. One of the judges who heard the remanded appeal remarked in the Court that the knife produced as evidence cannot even kill a rat !! The judgment was given a few months before India became free.

MKT, NSK and four others came out of prison after thirty months' imprisonment. Experts and even laymen felt that the truth about the real killers of Lakshmikanthan has not come out and MKT, NSK and others were the unfortunate victims of the game of power politics.

The real killers were never pinned down and the truth lies buried somewhere to this day. Indian legal history will record this case as one of the most tragic miscarriages of justice. It ruined the life and career of an astonishingly gifted musician. MKT Bhagavathar never regained his lost fame.

Later NSK resumed acting in Movies, but his jail term and fight for justice made him penurious, his hard earned wealth was lost in fighting the case and so was the case of co-accused MKT Bagavathar, who once ate in Silver and Gold plates and was the first Super Star of Indian Cinema. Haridas, which was released while he was in jail ran for 3 consequent Deepavalies with packed houses. People crowded the theatre as they felt, they would not have a chance to see their superstar in silver screen.


    * The leading Tamil Nadu politician and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu 'Kalaignar' Karunanidhi, when asked once by a journalist (of the Tamil magazine Kumudham) about who the non-political hero in his life was, answered it was Kalaivanar. Karunanidhi knew him well and also worked in some of his film projects.
    * Kalaivanar was an active member of the Dravidian Movement. The Tamil Nadu Government erected a memorial-building in 1979, called 'Kalaivanar Kalai Arangam' (or Kalaivanar Arts Centre) in honour of Kalaivanar's contribution to the Arts, and the building is one of the leading landmarks in the city of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.
    * NSK was generous to a fault.The following anecdote was written in Agathiyar Yahoo Group by JayBee (Dr. S.Jayabarathi of Malaysia): "One day, an emaciated looking man came to his house. At that time, NSK was playing carrom board with a friend. When the man approached NSK, NSK did not look up at him. He continued with his game. NSK simply asked him whether he had eaten. The man said he had not eaten for three days. NSK told him to go and eat a hearty meal first. Of course NSK knew that the man was hungry because he had no money. He called one of his friends who were around him watching his game. He told him to reach into NSK's shirt pocket and take out the money. The friend did so. But what came out was a thick unopened wad of five rupee currency notes. The friend tried take out a note. In those days, a five rupee was a big sum. NSK got angry. He scolded him, "ada thariththiraththukku thuNai pOnavanE! innum kuuda thaaraaLamaa pichchuk kuduvEn?". (" O, He who gives company to poverty, why don't you extend your magnanimity and take out some more?") The friend took out a thicker portion containing quite a number of notes and gave them to the poor man. When the man came back, NSK heard his story and needs and gave him substantial help.

As Actor

    * Raja Desingu (1960) .... This movie was released after his death; co-starred with M.G. Ramachandran
    * Tholan (1959) .... This movie was released after the death of N S Krishnan
    * Yar paiyan (1956)
    * Manimekalai (1956)
    * Balya Chakram (1956)
    * Ambikapathy (1956)
    * Asai (1956)
    * Raja Rani (1956)
    * Laila Majnu (1956)
    * Arasilam kumari (1956)
    * Thanga Pathumai (1956)
    * Madurai Veeran (1956) .... Cobbler with MGR in lead
    * Rangoon Radha (1956) .... Naidu with Shivaji Ganesan in lead
    * Kalacharam (1955)
    * Kannin Manigal (1955)
    * Sri Ratna (Kannada) (1955)
    * Chakravarthi Thirumagal (1955)
    * Athiroopa Amaravathi (1955)
    * Paditha Muttal (1955)
    * Pudhu Vazhvu (1955)
    * Maha Sakthi (1955)
    * Nan Nambikka (1955)
    * Governors Cup (Telgu) (1955)
    * Nam Kulandai (1955)
    * Kudumba Villakku (1955)
    * Doctor Savithri (1955)
    * Kaveri (1955)
    * Mudhal thethi (1955)
    * Nalla kalam (1954)
    * Thalapathi (1953)
    * Nadigan (1953)
    * Panam (1953)
    * Amarakavi (1953)(Telgu film)
    * Manathodu Vazh (1952)
    * Thottakkaran (1952)
    * Ragasiyam (1952)
    * Vanasundari (1951) ...... with P.U.Chinnappa/TR.Rajakumari, and T.A.Madhuram
    * Parijatham (1950)
    * Manamagal (1950)
    * Viswamitra (1949)
    * Ratna Kumar (1949)
    * Pavakkodi (1949)
    * Inba Valli (1949)
    * Kalvanin Kathali (1949)
    * Macha Rekai (1949)
    * Thambi durai (1949)
    * Mangaiyarkkarasi (1949)
    * Nallathambi (1949) .... As Zamindar with Maduram and Banumathy in lead
    * Chandralekha (1948) .... Comic relief w/TA Madhuram, SundariBai; MK Radha/TR Rajakumari film
    * Samsara Nonga (1948) .... only T A Mathuram acted
    * Sri Valli (1947)
    * Payithiyakkaran (1947)
    * Pavalakkodi (1947)
    * Brahma Rishi Vishvamitra (1947) ....The film was first released and did not perform well in box-office, then the comedy track was added
    * Pankaja valli (1947)
    * Krishna Pakthi (1947)
    * Kannagi (1947)
    * Arthanari (1946)
    * Deva dasi (1946)
    * Maha maya (1945)
    * Burma Rani (1945)
    * Baktha Kalathi (1945)
    * Chow Chow - Kalikala minor, School Drama, Soora Puli (1945)
    * Salivahanam (1945)
    * Raja Rajeshwari (1944) .... it had T A Mathuram only
    * Valmiki (1944)
    * Haridoss (1944) .... For the first time in Tamil cinema history, Haridoss ran successfully for 110 weeks in ‘Chennai Broadway Talkies. Was screened from 16.10.1944 to 22.11.1946
    * Poompavai (1944)
    * Panthru hari (1944)
    * Jagathala Prathaban (1944)
    * Prabhavathi (1943)
    * Ilandha Kathal (1943)
    * Aswini (1943)
    * Bakya Lakshmi (1943)
    * Hari Cchandra (1943)
    * Mangamma sapatham (1943)
    * Sivakami (1943)
    * Kubera Kuchela (1943)
    * Arunthathi (1943)
    * Emantha Sonagiri (1942)
    * Kathambam (1942)
    * Manonmani (1942)
    * Prithiviraj (1942)
    * Panchamirtham or Thiruvalathan (1942)
    * Thasippen or Kilattu Mappillai (1942)
    * Sivalinga Satchi (1942)
    * Kannagi (1942)
    * Krishna Pidaran (1942)
    * Aarayichi mani or Manuneethi Cholan (1942)
    * Iru Nanbargal (1941)
    * Vedha vathi or Seetha Jananam (1941)
    * Chandra hari (1941)
    * Elandha Kadhal (1941)
    * Ashok Kumar (1941).... with MKT Bagavadhar in lead
    * Aryamala (1941)
    * Alibabavum nanpathu thirudarkalum (1941)
    * Sakunthalai (1940) ..... with MS.SubbaLakshmi/GN.Balasunbramaniam, Madhuram, DS.DuraiRaj
    * Parasuraman (1940)
    * Manimekalai or Bala Saniyasi (1940) .... In those days there were movies that had 2 titles
    * Poologa Rambai (1940)
    * Sathi Murali (1940)
    * Naveena vikramatityan & Puthiman Balavan Aavan (1940)
    * Chandraguptha chanakya & Tharuthalai Thangavelu (1940)
    * Naveena Tenali raman (1940)
    * Uthama puthiran (1940)(Older Version) .... with P.U.Chinnappa, T.A.Madhuram
    * Sirikkathe (1940) .... Consist of five stories under one single title (an innovative idea in those days) the titles where:Adanka pidari, Puli vettai, Poli panchali, Malai kkannan, Yama vathanai
    * Kalamegam (1939)
    * Prahalatha (1939)
    * Rambaiyin Kathal (1939)
    * Pommi Kalyanam (1939)
    * Madurai veeran (1939)
    * Sri Math Ramalinga Swamigal (1939)
    * Maya Machindra (1939)
    * Manikkavasagar (1939)
    * Thiruneelakandan (1939)
    * Anandashramam (1938)
    * Krisgna Toodhu (1938)
    * Dakshayagna (1938)
    * Balamani (1937)
    * Chandra Kantha (1937)
    * Baktha Thulasidas (1937)
    * Ambikapathy (1937)
    * Vasantha Sena (1936)
    * Sathileelavathi (1936)
    * Menaka (1935) .... with T K Shanmugam

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